Lacoste Elementary Beta attends District Beta Convention

FIRST PLACE SONGFEST: [L-R] Front Row: Hasan Kahla, Ja’Den Williams, Alyssa Heigle, Mia Jackson, Torin Desselle, Cole Caruso, Ciera Nunez, Levan Levron, Aubrei Chianelli, Brandi Phan, and Anjalae’ Mosely. Middle Row: Sponsor Mandy Nguyen, Gabriel Woodson, Hunter Dunn, Kimberly Quintanilla, Gavin Imbornone, Briana Sino, Mia Patcheco, Brooklyn Wilson, Lilly Vu, Aja Deal, and Christian Fenner. Back Row: Sponsor Lori Gilchrist, Daniel Thomason, Addisyn Gagnard, Boston Thompson, Ghadeer Thabata, Mia Christie, Mercedes Guillen, Cooper McNamara, Makenzie Dusang, Nahr Abdelhaq, Sponsor Dina Martinez, and Jorge Vargas.

Lacoste Elementary Beta attended District Beta Convention on November 11, 2017, at Belle Chasse Middle.

The following awards were won at the convention: 1st place t-shirt – Jorge Vargas and Hunter Dunn; 1st place living Literature –  Christian Fenner, Boston Thompson, Levan Levron, Gabriel Woodson, Kimberly Quintenilla, Nhar Abdelhaq, Gadeer Thabata, Brianna Sino, Alyssa Heigle, Daniel Thomason, Mia Jackson, and Ciera Nunez; 1st place book battle – Anjalae Moseley, Hunter Dunn and Mia Christie; 1st place special talent – Torin Deselle; 1st place Songfest (see photo below); 2nd place quiz bowl- Hasan Kahla, Cooper McNamara, Mercedes Guillen, and Lily Vu; 2nd place banner – Mia Patcheco and Cole Caruso.