The Krewe of Lourdes to hold its 68th Annual Carnival Ball

The Krewe of Lourdes will hold its 68th Annual Carnival Ball in the Frederick J. Sigur Auditorium and Grand Ballroom, Chalmette, La., January 27, 2018.

Queen Petrina Meyers

Reigning as Queen, will be Mrs. Petrina Randazzo Meyers, a native of St. Bernard Parish, now residing in St. Tammany Parish for the past 12 years, is the wife of Kendall J. Meyers. She is the daughter of the late Lawrence J. Randazzo and Josephine Loycano Randazzo. She worked in the family business for over 20 years before her retirement. She now devotes her time to various charitable endeavors and both her nieces and nephews. She attended Our Lady of Prompt Succor School prior to earning her Associate Degree in Business. She is a member of the Gamma Beta Phi Honor Society.Pages to the Queen will be Master Jaxton Lawrence Forjet, son of Mr. & Mrs. Felix E. Forjet, III; and Miss Charlotte Eileen Owens, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Lincoln C. Owens.

The Captain will be Mrs. Amy Beasley Gonzales, a life-long resident of the Parish of St. Bernard, graduated from St. Bernard High School. She is the wife of Mr. Ricky J. Gonzales, Sr., and they have 3 children, one boy, and two girls. She is very active with the Krewe of Lourdes, volunteers for the Los Islenos Heritage & Cultural Society, Knights of Nemesis and various other organizations.

Maids to the Queen will be: Miss Jessica Lynn Adubato, Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. James T. Adubato, Jr.; Miss Isabella Maria Bazile, daughter of Ms. Mindi K. Wright & Mr. Jason P. Bazile; Mrs. Tiffani Robin Bernheisel, wife of Mr. Brett Bernheisel; Mrs. Jennifer Kieff Domingo, wife of Mr. Kenny Domingo, Jr.; Ms. Cindi Bonnie Meyer, daughter of Ms. Cynthia Dutchmann Meyer; Mrs. Denise Smith Montalbano, wife of Mr. Joseph M. Montalbano; Mrs. Lauren Forjet Sclafani, wife of Mr. Charles “Hobbs” Sclafani; Mrs. Rae Ann B. Williams, wife of Mr. Charles E. Williams, Jr.

Ladies in Waiting to the Queen will be: Miss Allyson Marie Boackle, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Anthony M. Boackle; Miss Mary Lynn Crow, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Casey W. Crow; Miss Elyse Claire Dysart, daughter of Col. & Mrs. David Dysart; Miss Madeleine Jo Harris, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Kyle Harris; Miss

Captain Amy Gonzales

Sophia Michelle Majors, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Richard Majors; Miss Mia Sydnie Maschmeyer, daughter of Ms. Cindi B. Meyer; Miss Londyn Bellin Melerine, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Tony R. Melerine, Jr.; Miss Grace Irma Morel, daughter of Chief Petty Officer & Mrs. Michael Morel; Miss Maci Lynn Randazzo, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Damon Randazzo; Miss Lilyrose Sophia Rome, daughter of Ms. Holly A. Barrett & Mr. Edward A. Rome; Miss Victoria Jane Sanders, daughter of Ms. Vicky Morales & Mr. Shawn Sanders; Miss Eden Doris Spino, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Spino, III; Miss An Hoain Tran, daughter of Ms. Julie Diem Tran; Miss Claire Truxillo, daughter of Dr. & Mrs. Ryan M. Truxillo.

Escorts to the Ladies in Waiting will be: Masters Carson Paul Chiappetta and Collin Ross Chiappetta, sons of Mr. & Mrs. Ross Chiappetta; Master Kevin Wintz Crow, son of Mr. & Mrs. Casey W. Crow; Master Felix Emile Forjet, IV, son of Mr. & Mrs. Felix E. Forjet, III; Masters Darby Thomas Hoffmeister and Ellis Jules Hoffmeister, sons of Mr. & Mrs. L. Jules Hoffmeister III; Master Christian Keller Kononchek, son of Mr. & Mrs. Christian Kononchek; Master Talon Nicholas Lemoine, son of Mr. & Mrs. Todd Lemoine; Master Monty Charles Montelongo, Jr., son of Mr. & Mrs. Monty C. Montelongo Sr.; Master Luke Joseph Saizan; son of Mr. & Mrs. Carl F. Saizan; Master Nicco Tomas Tommaseo, son of Mr. & Mrs. Rocco Tommaseo; Masters Owen Matthew Truxillo and Jude Ryan Truxillo, sons of Dr. & Mrs. Ryan M. Truxillo; Master Owen Welch, son of Mr. & Mrs. Henry Welch.

Junior Maids participating will be: Miss Morgan Elizabeth Cimino, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Anthony H. Cimino; Miss Ella Michael Denny, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Randall Denny; Miss Madelynn Olivia Lopez, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Stephen R. Lopez, Jr.; Miss Isabella Renee Meyer, niece of Ms. Samantha Meyer & granddaughter of Ms. Belinda Meyer; Miss Grace Claire Saizan, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Carl F. Saizan; Misses Alyssa Grace Schell and Alayna Marie Schell, daughters of Mr. & Mrs. Albert Schell, IV;

King Timothy Clements

Miss Avery Robin Spino, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Spino, III; Miss Olivia Rose Troxclair, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. James Troxclair.

Our King will be Timothy Paul Clements, a native of St. Bernard, now living in Lakeview. He is the husband of Mrs. Melinda Rome Clements and they have two children, August and Marie. He is the son of Charmaine Serigne Clements and Richard Clements. Timothy graduated from Holy Cross High School and Nicholls State University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Government and a minor in History. In the wake of Katrina, he was thrown into the insurance world, his family business. He has served in several professional organizations holding various roles. He also served on the Board of Directors of the St. Bernard Chamber, serving as chairman 2015-2016. In 2017, he was recognized as the St. Bernard Chamber member of the year. He is also a passionate member of the Krewe of Thoth and the Krewe of the Rolling Elvi, A scooter-riding Elvis tribute Mardi Gras Krewe.

Pages to the King will be: Master Andrew Alton Gros, son of Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Gros; Master Pacey Henri DeBlonde, son of Mr. & Mrs. Duane DeBlonde;

Dukes to the Royal King will be David A. Clements, John C. Ginart, Kevin L. Harris, Andrew P. Jacques, Christopher P. Johnson, Zeke T. Keirsey, Jack E. Serigne, III and Jonathan E. Serigne.

Lieutenants in the ball will be Kara J. Colburn; Nicole D. Dysart; Stacey Harris; Danielle M. Lemoine; Vicky M. Morales; and Lori R. Serpas.

The Krewe of Lourdes Carnival Ball is free and open to the public, beginning at 8:00 p.m. The supper dance, immediately following the ball is $65 per person. Tickets may be purchased by contacting Lena Nunez: 504-491-5266. Proceeds from the ball & supper dance will benefit Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Violet, LA.

Maid Tiffany Bernheisel

Maid Rae Ann Williams

Maid Lauren Scafani

Maid Jessica Adubato

Maid Jennifer Kieff

Maid Denise Montabano

Maid Cindi Meyer

Maid Bella Bazile