Millionaires attending St. Bernard Middle

Pictured from left are millionaires: Perry Jones, Julie Martinez, Angel Young-Bond, Hunter Ricouard, Dylan Kelly, and Tabatha Paz. Millionaires not pictured are Kelsy Farrell and Desiree' Slaughter-Etter.

That’s right. You read it correctly! St. Bernard Middle has millionaires attending its school. Several, in fact. But not the kind you think! These students aren’t rich from money but are rich from reading.

At the beginning of the school year, SBM rolled out its Sustained Silent Reading Program, or SSR. Students are given 10 minutes every day in homeroom to read a book of their choice. Students then keep a reading log and take Accelerated Reading Quizzes for the books they finish. It is these quizzes that track the number of words each student has read.

St. Bernard Middle is proud to announce that it currently has 8 students that have read over one million words, and two of those students have reached the multimillionaire status. “Although the students are receiving tangible rewards like pens, t-shirts, etc. when they achieve certain levels, the true reward is greater academic success and personal enjoyment that comes from reading,” says Donna Calato, SBM Librarian.

Congratulations to these Regal Eagle Readers, and the faculty and staff of St. Bernard Middle look forward to adding more millionaires to its school.