Greater New Orleans Senior Olympics fast approaching

Once again it is time for Greater New Orleans Senior Olympics. The competition will start February 16 and run through April 19. This year there are three ways to enter; online at, print out the entry form and mail it in, or use a paper registration and mail it. The paper registrations have been mailed to all participants who requested one. If you did not receive one, you may request an entry form from Janey Perez, the Program Director, at (504) 296-8200 or or Bernice Bordelon at (504) 834-5279 or

All adults 49 or older may play with us. Basketball, Softball and Track, and Field will take 40-year-olds and up. You do not have to be an athlete, just be willing to try and have fun. You will be surprised what you can accomplish. In Senior Olympics for most events, participants compete within 5-year groups, for example, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64… 95-99. That way an 80-year-old is not up against a 50-year-old. The cost is $25.00 to enter. This entitles you to enter 3 sports, a tee shirt, and admittance to the Banquet. Some events have additional cost besides the registration fee. The deadline to enter is February 9, 2018. However, GNO Senior Olympics takes late entries but we do not guarantee requested tee shirt size. Some sports will take same day entries

This year we have added a Northshore Beanbag Baseball Tournament. You do not know how to play. A quick instruction period will precede the beginning of the tournament. Beanbag Baseball is played with 8 to 12 people on a team. If you are not a member of a team, enter anyway and you will be put on a team. This game can accommodate seniors with wheelchairs, walkers or canes.

GNO Senior Olympics has twenty-eight different sports; something for everyone. The schedule follows, so pick your sports and save the dates and come have some fun with us. Hope to see all of you!