School Safety a Top Priority

Because school safety is a top priority for the St. Bernard Parish School Board, the school district has partnered with local agencies to develop security measures to help ensure a safe and secure environment.

The St. Bernard Parish School District was one of the first in the state to develop a crisis response plan for an active shooter at each school site.  This plan was created through a joint effort of the St. Bernard Sheriff’s Department, St. Bernard Parish Fire Department, the parish Office of Homeland Security, the parish ambulance services, and St. Bernard Parish Government under the guidance of the LSU Stephenson Disaster Management Institute.

Additionally, a designated and secure single point of entry has been established within all schools and high-quality video surveillance has been installed in all school facilities. In case of an emergency, the St. Bernard Parish Sheriff’s Office has access to this footage.

Superintendent Doris Voitier said she was saddened and dismayed by the recent tragedy in Florida.

“I am heartbroken and deeply disappointed by this senseless loss of young lives.”

She also said support and intervention are powerful preventive measures.  “Throughout our system, we have implemented Positive Behavior Intervention Support that incorporates Trauma Sensitive School practices into classroom instruction,” Voitier said.

The district is also investing resources in training teachers and administrators at every level in the latest therapeutic models in addressing the mental health needs of each student.

School psychologists, social workers, and counselors are also available at every school to help students resolve conflicts and learn strategies to resolve situations through non-violent, positive behaviors.

Voitier urged students and families to continue to contact school officials with any concern. She said working in partnership with the community and key agencies is critical.

“When it comes to keeping the students of our parish safe, it is important for us all to work together.”