National Academic Games Teams announced

Learner Division: [L-R]: Christian Miller, Louis Schneider, Conner Dewey, Alayna Tobin, and Madelynn Rousell.

Four teams representing the St. Bernard Parish School District were announced Thursday, March 1 to represent the district at this year’s national tournament. Academic Games is a tournament-style academic competition where students are challenged to use higher order thinking skills in the subjects of language arts, English, history, and mathematics.

Students qualified for the team by competing in four games: Presidents, On-Sets, Propaganda, Equations.

This year the top five students who competed in the elementary division, middle divisions, and ten students from the high school division will be traveling to Knoxville, Tennessee at the end of April. National team coaches are Melinda Hall, Gena Asevado, Jillian Chrisman, and Ryan Gregoire.

Middle Division: [L-R]: Ava Volante, Brandon Jackson, Anthony Wei, Mikylla Maghirang, and Coby Barrow.

Elementary Division: [L-R]: Selina Li, Tania White, Andrew Wei, Nahr Abdelhaq, and Elmi Gonzalez.

Senior A Team: [L-R]: Emily Vu, Kelsey Billiot, Austin Billiot, Eryn Loria, and Leanne Dacula.

Senior B Team: [L-R]: Grace Bartholomae, Erik Gangi, Luke Rydzewski, Nicholas Magg, and Ethan Gilchrist.