Recalled smoke detectors not a product of Operation Save-A-Life

Kidde, an international distributor of smoke detector products, issued a recall for some of its dual-sensor smoke alarms.  The recall cited a yellow tab left inside the alarm during the manufacturing process that could prevent the product from properly detecting smoke and alerting the consumer to possible danger.

The company outlined the problem products as models PI2010 and PI9010, which were sold in various stores and online from September 2016 through January 2018. Kidde says that affects more than 450,000 of its smoke alarms. The announcement of the recall by the United State Consumer Product Safety Commission outlines ways for consumers to inspect their smoke alarms to determine whether it is subject to the recall.

Though the Louisiana Office of State Fire Marshal does provide Kidde smoke alarms through its Operation Save-A-Life program, the model used, I9010, is not part of the company’s recent recall.

Operation Save-A-Life is a statewide initiative aimed at reducing fire-related injuries and deaths by partnering with local fire departments, and the Red Cross, to install smoke detectors for free.  Residents can request a free smoke alarm installation through the Fire Prevention Division of their area fire department and/or district, or by visiting the OSFM’s website

Since the start of 2018, Operation Save-A-Life has distributed around 3,000 smoke detectors statewide.