Chalmette Refining Supports Academic Games

Representatives from Chalmette Refining, Elizabeth Ellison-Frost, Dorothy Steele Hills and Refinery Manager Jerry Forstell, presented a $15000 check to the Board to help defray the cost of the national tournament for the players and their families.

Twenty students from St. Bernard Parish Schools will travel to Knoxville, Tennessee at the end of April to compete at the National Academic Games Tournament. The Elementary, Middle, and High School Division Teams were presented at Tuesday night’s School Board Meeting.

Longtime corporate sponsor, Chalmette Refining has supported the St. Bernard Parish School District’s Academic Games program for more than two decades. Elizabeth Ellison-Frost, Dorothy Steele Hills, and Refinery Manager Jerry Forstell, representatives from the Refinery,  presented a $15000 check to the Board to help defray the cost of the national tournament for the players and their families.

Assistant Superintendent Mary Lumetta said the school district appreciates the tremendous amount from this corporate sponsor.

”I cannot stress enough how the donation they give makes our Academic Games program possible,” Lumetta said. “Due to their generosity, the players and coaches are able to focus on studying for competition and do not have to spend time raising funds for the National Tournament.”

Refinery Manager Jerry Forstell said he is proud to be a partner in such a worthy endeavor.

“Chalmette Refinery has been sponsoring this event for 23 years,” Forstell said. “We are big believers in cultivating and supporting academic performance within our community. As a refinery, we need smart, driven people to work for us and have found students graduating this school system to be excellent employees. We look forward to our continued partnership with Chalmette High School and all of the schools within this district.”

Superintendent Doris Voitier thanked Chalmette Refining for its continued support of public schools.

“Our school system has been competing in Academic Games since 1993. For 25 years, we have received accolades for our students’ behavior, character, integrity, and their sportsmanship. I am confident that this year will be no different. Congratulations to our students and their families and good luck.”