Villeré Plantation Receives Historical Marker

Tourist Commission member Gayle Buckley, Lead Community Relations Specialist Taryn Rogers, Tourist Commission members Gary Huetmann and Lena Nunez, Valero Refinery VP and General Manager Jack Merrill, St. Bernard Parish Tourism Manager Katie Tommaseo, Councilmember Wanda Alcon and Tourist Commission members Alvin Jones and Jennifer Heintz and Tourism Staff member Samantha Meyer. Photo by Lenor Duplessis.

A Historical marker was recently dedicated by the St. Bernard Tourist Commission, Valero Refinery and Councilmember Wanda Alcon to commemorate the role of the Villeré Plantation during the War of 1812:

The Villeré Plantation was owned by Jacques Philippe Villeré and located downriver from the Crescent City. During the Battle of New Orleans Villeré’s son, Maj. Gabriel and 30 soldiers were tasked with guarding the site against potential British infiltration. However, a surprise attack caught Villeré and his subordinates’ off-guard and marked the British Army’s proximity to the city. The grounds would be used for over a month as British headquarters during their campaign of Louisiana.

With a stroke of good fortune, Maj. Villeré managed to escape and report to a waiting Andrew Jackson. On the night of December 23, 1814, Jackson led forces attacked the encamped British force preluding to the confrontation to come.