St. Bernard District Attorney announces jury conviction of Wayne Jackson for Attempted Second Degree Murder

Wayne Jackson

Wayne Jackson, a 31-year-old man, was convicted of Attempted Second Degree Murder. The victim was the wife of Wayne Jackson. Jackson stabbed his wife in the neck and facial area at least 13 times. She now suffers permanent injuries and is partially disabled. The case was presented to a St. Bernard Jury with Judge Kim Jones presiding. A jury found him guilty as charged and Judge Jones will sentence Jackson on July 23rd. He faces 10 to 50 years at hard labor. Due to the violent nature of the crime and the domestic circumstances, the DA’s Office will seek the maximum sentence.

Nicosia said, “The defendant committed a reprehensible and terrifying domestic-related assault on his wife who had the courage to confront him in court. The defendant has now been brought to justice and held accountable for his actions.” Domestic Abuse is an ongoing problem not only in St. Bernard but also around the country. The District Attorney’s Office and the Sheriff’s Office have a zero tolerance for Domestic Abuse.

Despite efforts for a plea deal by the defense, the District Attorney’s Office refused a plea deal and went to trial. Nicosia declared, “Justice under the law requires heinous violent crimes to be dealt with appropriately and with the full force of the law.” He further expressed his appreciation for the residents of St. Bernard for showing up for jury duty, which is a vital part of our criminal justice system.

Testifying in court were the following officers: Sgt. C. Beebe, Dep. J. English, and Sgt. J. Vega. Officers did a great job handling the investigation and are applauded for their efforts.

Nicosia is proud to recognize Assistant District Attorneys Megan S. Roy and Michael Morales for their hard work and expertise in prosecuting this case.