Book signing event at Rocky and Carlo’s

Yellow Jack book cover with author René Uzee.

Author René Uzee will be holding a book signing event at Rocky and Carlo’s Restaraunt, June 29th, 2018. The event will begin at 5:00 p.m. and will continue until 8:30 p.m.

René Uzee is a walking, talking, breathing miracle. To look at him you wouldn’t know it. A renaissance man, if you will, who lives by his motto, “There is Great Power Deeply Embedded in all that Appears Adverse.”

He established Forum Salon in New Orleans, in 1980. In 2005 Hurricane Katrina flooded both the dream home he designed and his salon. Having evacuated to Baton Rouge one day before the hurricane made landfall, he decided to remain there and to re-establish both his life and Forum Salon.

On the heels of this bold move, René now confronting homelessness and unemployment was diagnosed with CLL – Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, in 2006. One year later he re-opened Forum Salon, which today is considered a premier salon in Baton Rouge. Soon after establishing his salon he produced a cable television show, “Makeover 225 – Lifting Spirits One Person At A Time.” Mr. Uzee showcased individuals who had experienced life-threatening issues, and who, like René, had turned what he calls, “bumps in the road” into golden opportunities. However, due to ongoing CLL treatments Rene’ set aside his well-received show after only two episodes.

René Uzee faced life head-on with unwavering persistence to defeat all challenges and with that tenacity completed his Novel, Yellow Jack, which he began writing in 2003. It is truly a treasure of a book that was meticulously researched for tens of thousands of hours, by this powerful, omniscient writer. René Uzee is quite possibly the next great literary star!

René Uzee was a lifelong resident of Arabi, then Plaquemines Parish from 1996 until he evacuated my home the day before Hurricane Katrina made landfall. Also a native of New Orleans, René now resides in a small town with his wife Brenda, their home tucked in the woods north of Baton Rouge.

This epic story begins in 1800s New Orleans, where greed precipitates a struggle for absolute power between two dangerously influential Louisiana adversaries, the shipping magnate, Joseph P. Connaway II, and New Orleans Mayor, Olivier M. Devereaux.

The 1853 Yellow Fever epidemic in New Orleans, which was responsible for nearly 9,000 deaths, caused social, political, and economic ramifications that were catastrophic.

In 1855, Mayor Devereaux wrote into law a plan for quarantine at the mouth of the Mississippi River, on the Island of Balize. This devastated the shipping industry, leaving only one means of importing and exporting, and that was via the Louisiana-Texas railroad. However, shipping magnate and politically connected Joseph P. Connaway II had his own plan for Quarantine. Absolute power was what both men thirst for, however, neither could put aside his selfish greed, not to mention political influence, all the while disparaging their fellow citizens.

On September 23rd, 1856, an outbreak of Yellow Fever, prompted a Government seizure of the Eustis Beckworth property, near the mouth of the Mississippi River, which was held for 150 years. A cover-up ensued.

In 2006, Carl Beckworth inherits his ancestors’ property and plans a family reunion. Just days after the Beckworth reunion, some family members become extremely ill, others escape death.

Following a full investigation of the Beckworth property, Carl files suit against the United States Government. Then, in February 2007 intense court proceedings begin, revealing: secret meetings, scandals, negligence, murder, and political corruption.

All profits from the sales of Yellow Jack T-shirts, baseball caps and autographed bookmarks will be donated to the St. Bernard Council on Aging.