McDonald’s Fun Fair at the St. Bernard Parish Library

Ready and waiting for the multitude of summer readers are: Carrie Read, Director of Administration & Marketing, Veronica Wilson, Tammy Kieff, Shawnisha Thompson, Mya Conner, Josie King, Kathleen Galdamez, Director of Training and Irielle Lee.

The St. Bernard Parish Library’s 2018 Libraries Rock Summer Reading Program started off with a chart-topping event all thanks to one of its most dedicated sponsors, McDonald’s of St. Bernard. Our local McDonald’s owner, Mr. Adam Thomas and Director of Operations, Mr. Alan Galdamez, have made the commitment of sponsoring the library’s annual event for more than 20 years. They have donated countless numbers of coupons to thousands of readers over the course of their sponsorship. This year they brought even more smiles to summer readers by sponsoring a very successful kick-off event that took place at the library on June 4th.

Ms. Carrie Read, Director of Administration and Marketing designed and organized the first annual McDonald’s Fun Fair to celebrate the start of summer reading. Well over 200 kids and their parents enjoyed a morning filled with games, picture taking, coloring, face painting and delicious McDonald’s chocolate chip cookies. Several members of McDonald’s staff joined in the fun manning tables and having fun with the crowd.

The St. Bernard Parish Library is very proud to have McDonald’s continued support of its literacy efforts and deeply values the level of commitment that Mr. Thomas and Mr. Galdamez have demonstrated. With the success of the initial McDonald’s Fun Fair, a new summer tradition has been established—one that children will look forward to every year to mark the beginning of summer reading.