St. Bernard Rotary Installation

INSTALLATION OF OFFICERS [L-R]: Dr. Hugh Craft, Buddy Doize, Brenda Breakfield, and Cindi Mistro.

On Thursday, June 21, 2018, St. Bernard Rotary celebrated its 55th Installation of Officers in the Sicilian Room of Rocky and Carlo’s. Installed were President, Cindi Mistrot; Vice President, Charles “Buddy” Doize; Secretary, Brenda Breakfield; Treasurer, Loretta Faulstich (absent) and Sergeant-at-Arms, Dr. Hugh Craft. Board Members included: Sean Warner, Greg Noto, John Breakfield, Joey DiFatta, Ron Mistrot and Gus Riess.

Buddy Doize was the Master of Ceremonies and the program was opened by the singing of the Star Spangled Banner sung by the granddaughter of Cindi Mistrot, Mallorie Saucier.

Following dinner, officers were officially installed by District 6840 Governor, Ken Thompson. Honors were bestowed upon Rotarian Horace Evans awarded

“Rotarian of the Year” for his tireless efforts within the Rotary Club, and Lena Torres Nunez was awarded the “Community Service Award” for her outstanding service to the community of St. Bernard. Also recognized was Jessica Janeck for her work as the sponsor of high school students in the Interact Club.

The theme selected by the Rotary International President for 2018-19 is “Be An Inspiration” meaning doing everything we can to make sure the good we do now is still leading to better lives tomorrow and beyond… a motto St. Bernard Rotary aspires to.

“Rotarian of the Year” Horace Evans.

Lena Nunez accepting the “Community Service Award.”