St. Bernard Transit to shift portion of bus route on March 1st

Parish Bus Service to move from St. Bernard Hwy to Judge Perez Drive between Colonial Boulevard in Violet and Hannan Boulevard in Meraux.

St. Bernard Transit Department announces that it will shift a portion of its bus route from St. Bernard Highway to East Judge Perez Drive between Colonial Boulevard and Archbishop Hannan Boulevard effective Wednesday, March 1st.

“We have studied the route shift from population, neighborhood, and socio-economic perspectives and held a public meeting to solicit feedback.  The consensus is that moving the bus route from St. Bernard Highway to East Judge Perez in Violet and Meraux will bring transit service closer to more people,” said Michael Bayham, manager for St. Bernard Transit.

The current western bus route starts at Bayou Road and Torres Drive, heading west on Bayou Road and St. Bernard Highway until turning north (right) on to Archbishop Hannan Boulevard  before turning west (left) on to Judge Perez Drive in the direction of Chalmette and Arabi.

There would be two shifts in the route.  The first would take place at Colonial Boulevard, where the bus would turn north (right) from St. Bernard Highway and then turn west (left) onto East Judge Perez Drive.

The second change would be at Archbishop Hannan Boulevard, where the bus would loop at the mid-point of the boulevard before returning to Judge Perez Drive and then head west towards Chalmette and Arabi.

The route shift will include new bus stops on Colonial Boulevard, East Judge Perez Drive, and Archbishop Hannan Boulevard.

“The new route will cut down the distance many people have had to walk to catch the bus,” said Parish President Guy McInnis. “Our administration is always working to make government services more accessible and convenient for the public.”

“Moving the bus service on to Judge Perez will also lessen traffic congestion on St. Bernard Highway,” said McInnis.

A map of the new route has been posted on the Transit Department’s website, and paper copies are available on the buses and at the St. Bernard Government Building.

The new schedule will be posted in coming days as the bus stop times are calibrated.

For more information about the route change, please call the St. Bernard Parish Transit Office 504-277-1907.