2022 High School Graduates Eligible for $500 Scholarships at Nunez

Nunez Community College in Chalmette is welcoming incoming freshmen to the Fall 2022 semester with a $500 scholarship.

The ‘Take Flight’ and ‘We Give A Hoot About You’ Scholarships each offer $500 to students who graduated from high school in 2022. ‘Take Flight’ is available to any 2022 high school graduate currently residing in Louisiana, while ‘Give A Hoot’ is specifically for 2022 graduates of Chalmette High School.

Eligibility and application information for the ‘Give A Hoot’ Scholarship can be found online at Nunez.edu/chs2022, and ‘Take Flight’ can be found at Nunez.edu/takeflight.

Dr. Cherie Kay LaRocca, Vice Chancellor for Education Training and Student Success, said that the new scholarships are a great incentive for 2022 high school graduates.

“Students entering college for the first time in the fall are already dealing with enough stress. These scholarships are a way for us to make their transition to higher education a little easier,” said Dr. LaRocca.

Nunez Teaching: Grades 1-5 major Katie Mahler said that the ‘Give a Hoot’ Scholarship was a major help when she began at Nunez in 2020.

“My freshman year at Nunez was a wonderful experience with caring teachers and a positive environment,” said Mahler.

Nunez has a full slate of on-campus classes available along with online and hybrid options. Enrollment is open until the first day of classes: August 15. Registration is also open for the Summer 2022 term.

Students can register online at Nunez.edu. Students who require assistance are welcome to call 504-278-6467, email admissions@nunez.edu, or use the Live Chat feature at Nunez.edu