Teen-age male wanted for murder in Memphis arrested in Violet and was carrying a stolen handgun

Kyle Baptiste

A young man who ran from sheriff’s deputies in Violet the night of Dec. 11 has been identified as an 18-year-old wanted for first-degree murder in Memphis for the 2015 death of a man shot 13 times by two people, Sheriff James Pohlmann said.

Kyle Baptiste, who was in a vacant lot with others on a Violet street about 8 p.m., ran as agents from the Sheriff’s Office Street Crimes Unit approached to see what they were doing, Sheriff Pohlmann said.

An officer who chased him until Baptiste complied with an order to stop saw the teen-ager throw down something that turned out to be a .40-caliber handgun.

Baptiste, once identified, was determined to have a warrant out for his arrest from Memphis on a first-degree murder charge, the sheriff said. The gun had been reported stolen in Memhis but it wasn’t known if it was used in the murder, Sheriff Pohlmann said.

Baptiste was wanted for the July 4, 2015, killing of a man when Baptiste was 16.

A second suspect is in custody in Memphis. Baptiste and the other suspect allegedly shot the victim 13 times between them and stole a small amount of marijuana from him, St. Bernard authorities learned.

Baptiste was booked into St. Bernard Parish Prison as a fugitive from Memphis and was also booked with illegal carrying of a weapon, possession of a stolen firearm and resisting arrest.

Baptiste said he has family in the New Orleans area.