Sheriff’s Office holds Appreciation Dinner, Meraux Foundation donation

Meraux Foundation board member Rita Gue thanks Reserve Division officers for the work they do during public events held by the foundation. With her, from left, are Floyd Gue, Capt. Charles Borchers, who coordinates the Reserve Division; and at right is Sheriff James Pohlmann.

Sheriff James Pohlmann praised the job done by officers of the Reserve Division, a volunteer group that supplements the work of the Sheriff’s Office without pay during an Appreciation Dinner on Dec. 15 for the officers involved.

“Thank you for your dedication,’’ Sheriff Pohlmann told the 28 officers of the Reserve Division, which is coordinated by Capt. Charles Borchers.

“You guys do a wonderful job. The only difference between you and full-time deputies is the pay,’’ the sheriff said. “The training and the respect you get, not only from me but the public, is the same.’’

He also noted the officers’ standards for qualified to be a Reserve Division member are the same as regular deputies and several who started as reserve officers have become full-time with the department.

Reserve officers are involved in patrol of the streets of St. Bernard as well as working special events such as festivals, and high school sporting events.

Also at the dinner, the Reserve Division was the beneficiary of a donation from the Meraux Foundation as thanks for the work the reserves do during public events held by foundation. They have made donations to the Reserve Donation the past several years.

Reserve Division officers have worked many public events held by the Meraux Foundation, including the Jambalya Festival and the Blues in the Parish Festival, both held at their property at Docville in Violet.

Meraux Foundation board members Floyd and Rita Gue, Chris Haines and William Haines were present for the dinner and Mrs. Gue told the Reserve Division officers, “We appreciate every one of you’’ for the work they do at events.

She also praised the Sheriff’s Office in general, saying, “To go to bed at night and put your head on a pillow and know we are protected in St. Bernard is a great gift.’’

Centurion Arms and Vinson Uniforms donated gift certificates given to Reserve officers at the Appreciation Dinner.

Any St. Bernard Parish resident interested in applying to be a member of the Reserve Division can contact Capt. Borchers at (504) 278-7628 or Dep. Eric Eilers at 278-7799 for more information.

Applicants must have a clean police record, be a high school graduate who is 21 or older and have a desire to serve their community.

The cake for the Reserve Division.

The cake for the Reserve Division.