Bartolo Canal Crossing replacement project underway

The Canal Crossing at the 20 Arpent and Bartolo project began on January 30th and will last approximately 120 days. The project will replace the existing culvert canal crossings with a precast con-span canal crossing at the Twenty Arpent Canal. Additional work required will include repair work such as cleaning existing ditches, pipe removal and replacement, riprap/flowable fill, and seeding as well as street restoration work such as concrete slab removal and replacement, concrete curb repairs, roadway base repair and restoration of streets.

St. Bernard Parish Government would like to remind residents living north of the Twenty Arpent Canal, beyond 2813 Bartolo, that they will be required to access Bartolo Drive from Munster Blvd. on Genie. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Department of Public Works at 504-278-4300.