The Pelican Players at Joseph Davies Elementary are “off their rockers!”

The cast of "Off Their Rockers."

Students in grades third through fifth danced and sang in the school’s drama performance at the Chalmette High School’s theater of performing arts. These boys and girls have been practicing for months and were very excited to showcase their talent in front of their family and friends.

The cast is under the direction of teachers Michelle Daussin, Tonya Lambert, and Terri Nobles.

The cast is comprised of Adrian Rijo, Sophia Ali, Terrance Paul, Olivia Cancienne, Kylie Bordelon, Alyssa Touchet, Cole Devenport, Alexa Sullivan, Randi Lynn Rhoden, Cadence Dettwiller, Avery Johnston, Mia Belsom, Ky’Liah Cameron, Jackson Nunez, Briah Smallwood, Tayde Natalia Gonzalez, Faith Clark, Jaidyn Ferguson, Mariska Oggs, Ainsley Abadie, Journey Bee, Sarah Breaux, Kayden Duplissis, Macie Fernandez, Kennedi Grosch, Kaylie Hiers, Lindsey Ludwig, Marissa Martin, Payten Mayer, Chloe Ostendorf, Bradyn Rhoden, Rilee Rodrigue, Molly Schroeder, Olivia Sibal, Gionne Solomon, Hannan Topey, Maegan Geralds, Isabella Landry, Oliva Lewis and Kaylie Smith.

Grandpa Hector Cole Devenport, Grandma Alexa, Grandchild Alyssa Touchet, and Uncle John, Jackson Nunez.

3rd grade performers, Mabel Avery Johnston and Uncle John Jackson Nunez.

Senior Presenters played by 5th graders Olivia Cancienne and Kylie Bordelon.

Left to right: Aunt Sadie Randi Lynn Rhoden, Senior Olivia Lewis, Senior Bradyn Rhoden, Helga Mia Belsom, Grandma Alexa Sullivan, Center Worker Sophia Ali, and Uncle John Jackson Nunez get down to “The Banjo’s Back in Town.”

Left to right: Senior Bradyn Rhoden, Senior Chloe Ostendorf, Grandma Alexa Sullivan, Center Worker Sophia Ali, and Senior Kaden Duplessis get down to “Old Time Rock and Roll.”

Left to right: Mabel played by 3rd grader Avery Johnston, Senior, played by 3rd grader, Bradyn Rhoden, and Helga, played by 3rd grader, Mia Belsom.