St. Bernard Animal Shelter workers rescue a pet Macaw from the Mississippi River Batture

Charlie, rescued pet Macaw, sits on the perch of his cage contemplating his adventure.

Early one Saturday morning St. Bernard Parish Animal Control Officers put a pirogue in the Mississippi River batture to rescue a beloved pet Macaw, Charlie, who flew from his owner’s shoulder. While the owner had his sights set on Charlie through binoculars Animal Control Officer Donna Miller and Shelter Manager Charlotte Luna paddled through hyacinth until they reached the patch of high land where Charlie hung from the end of a tree branch. After attempts to coax Charlie down were unsuccessful the staff was able to pull the branch low enough to capture the Macaw in a net. Charlie was then paddled across the batture to be reunited with his anxiously awaiting owner. Ecstatic, Charlie’s owner quickly returned him to his perch where he could recuperate from his 2 days away from home!