4-H Bicycle Rodeo announces winners from October

Winners of the Snail Race: [L-R] Middle School Division: 1st Place, Eli Fussell, Trist Middle School; 2nd Place, Mason Geralds, Trist Middle School; 3rd Place, Aiden Rome, Trist Middle School. 5th Grade Division: 1st Place, Emma Jones, Gauthier Elementary; 2nd Place, Mark Loustalot, Arabi Elementary; 3rd Place, Maegan Geralds, Davies Elementary. 4th Grade Division: 1st Place, Ian Acosta, Our Lady of Prompt Succor School; 2nd Place, Lucas Jones, Gauthier Elementary; 3rd Place, Peyton Trosclair, Lacoste Elementary.

The St. Bernard Parish 4-H Bicycle Rodeo was held Saturday, October 21, 2017, at Davies Elementary School. 4-H Club members from area elementary and middle schools participated in the skilled riding events including the Figure 8, Zig-Zag Ride, Circle Ride, Slow Ride and the Snail Race. 4-H Junior Leader Club members assisted with the event by scoring the skills competition. The St. Bernard Parish Fire Department provided the smokehouse. Chalmette Bicycle Store sponsored the awards. Each of the participants received a door prize as well as a trophy or ribbon.

Winners Middle School Division: [L-R] 1st Place, Eli Fussell, Trist Middle School; 2nd Place, Aiden Rome, Trist Middle School; 3rd Place, Mason Geralds, Trist Middle School. Blue Ribbon Group: Peyton Lee, Trist Middle School; Zachary Whitaker, Trist Middle School; Ernest Babin, Trist Middle School; Joseph Ricouard, St. Bernard Middle School. Red Ribbon Group: Katie Hambrice, Trist Middle School; Lillie Greer, Andrew Jackson Middle School. Not Pictured: Layla Jackson, Triat Middle School.

Winners 4th Grade Division: Front Row: Red Ribbon Group: Blaise Wilson, Meraux Elementary; Hunter Clark, Lacoste Elementary; Zoe Hurt, Lacoste Elementary; Ky’liah Cameron, Davies Elementary; Ethan Howell, Lacoste Elementary; Killian Summerford, Lacoste Elementary; Nathan Peterson, Lacoste Elementary; Jolie Whitaker, Lacoste Elementary; Mason Greer, Arabi Elementary; Dylan Mason, Our Lady of Prompt Succor School. Back Row: 1st Place, Colton Gadwaw, Gauthier Elementary; 2nd Place, Ian Acosta, Our Lady of Prompt Succor School; 3rd Place, Lucas Jones, Gauthier Elementary. Blue Ribbon Group: Seth Oramous, Lacoste Elementary; Nathan Schallenberg, Chalmette Elementary; Peyton Trosclair, Lacoste Elementary; Madisyn Williams, Davies Elementary; Camden Marshall, Chalmette Elementary; Hayden Espiritu, Davies Elementary; Sal Caserta IV, Our Lady of Prompt Succor School. Not Pictured: Christopher Tabera, Chalmette Elementary; Cameron Rimkus, Gauthier Elementary.

Winners 5th Grade Division: [L-R] Front Row: Blue Ribbon Group: Eugene Odom, Arabi Elementary; Emma Jones, Gauthier Elemetary. Red Ribbon Group: Jason Mathews, Davies Elementary; Alyssa Edenfield, Arabi Elementary; Robyn Hayes, Arabi Elementary; Hallie Perrier, Arabi Elementary; Alex Wininger, Arabi Elementary; Ethan Ebejer, Arabi Elementary. Not Pictured: Olivia Lewis, Davies Elementary. Back Row: 1st Place, Braydin Kimble, Davies Elementary; 2nd Place, Samantha Chaupetta, Davies Elementary; 3rd Place, Mark Loustalot, Arabi Elementary. Blue Ribbon Group: Bryce Wilson, Davies Elementary; Cassidy Nunez, Davies Elementary; Rain Lewis, Our Lady of Prompt Succor School; Maegan Geralds, Davies Elementary; Olivia Penn, Lacoste Elementary; Kyleigh Hueschen, Meraux Elementary.