St. Bernard Grand Jury indicts man on First Degree Murder for the killing of his ex-wife

St. Bernard District Attorney, Perry Nicosia, today announced that Mark Owens, a 56-year-old man, has been indicted for the First Degree Murder of his ex-wife, which occurred on September 27, 2017. The grand jury also returned an indictment against Owens for the attempted murder of his ex-mother-in-law.

District Attorney, Perry M. Nicosia, commented after the return of the indictment stating, “I’m pleased with the First Degree Murder indictment. This was a horrifying murder of an ex-wife with an axe and the attempted murder of her mother.”

Nicosia said, “in St. Bernard Parish his District Attorney’s Office and the St. Bernard Sheriff’s Office have a zero tolerance for violent crimes and crimes of domestic violence.” Nicosia encourages all victims of domestic violence to reach out for help and protection. The District Attorney’s Office has recently opened a new Victim Assistance Center next to the courthouse on Packenham Drive to help provide services and resources to victims of domestic violence.

Owens is being held without bond.