Delacroix Island Shipyard Opens

The Delacroix Island Shipyard marks the first parish owned boat lift and shipyard facility in Eastern St. Bernard Parish. The lift will provide operational assistance for various vessels. The Marine Lift has a capacity of 75 tons with the ability to safely raise boats to a length of 70 feet. This St. Bernard Parish Government-owned facility is anticipated to be a game changer for commercial fisherman. This Parish owned boat lift will provide residents with more efficient lift options.

Parish President Guy McInnis said, “This project was constructed in hopes of providing the residents of Eastern St. Bernard Parish and local commercial fisherman access to safer methods of marine maintenance and vessel repairs. No longer will our fisherman have to venture outside of St. Bernard Parish to lift their vessels.” Fishermen will now be able to directly access local businesses more easily.

The Delacroix Island Shipyard along with the Delacroix Island Fishing Pier are part of a multi-phase project focused on the Eastern St. Bernard Parish fishing industry. Many of our local residents are decedents of the Islenos whom first colonized the surrounding area. Councilman Monty Montelongo states, “It is imperative that we continue to provide these types of services in Eastern St. Bernard as we try to preserve our culture of commercial and recreational fishing in St. Bernard Parish.” Moving forward, this administration will continue to bring awareness to the cultural and economic impact the fishing industry has in St. Bernard Parish.

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