Rosiland White Announces Candidacy For School Board

Rosiland White, a lifelong resident of St. Bernard Parish, takes this opportunity to announce her candidacy for St. Bernard School Board District 10, which comprises the Poydras and Violet areas. The election is November 6th with early voting set for October 23rd – 30th.

She is married to Robert White and has been for the last 45 years. She has three children, Tessie, Robert Jr., and Ryan. All of her children attended and graduated from the St. Bernard Public School System. She also has eight grandchildren and participates as a grandmother where they attend school at Lacoste, Joseph Davies, Trist, and Chalmette High.

She graduated from P.G.T. Beauregard in 1972. She received a Business Management Associates Degree from Nunez Community College and was recognized by Who’s Who Among American Junior Colleges. She received the Order of the St. Louis Medallion. She received a Nunez Secretarial Certification and a Nunez Clerical Certification.

Rosiland has been active as a certified Catholic CCD teacher and has taught K – 12. She is recognized as local author and poet. She is of Islenos Heritage and operated and worked for many local businesses. Currently, she is the business manager of White Seafood. She worked as a supply manager at Dixie Well Marine/Industrial and at Home Depot in the Special Services Department.

Rosiland pledges to serve our district with professionalism and distinction. She states that “a strong public school system is vital to a community.” She commented that as she attends her grandchildren’s activities within our school district, she sees “how vitally important it is to provide an education that allows for all the needs of our children. From special education through our advanced placement classes, our children have differing needs.” She asserts that, “every child is important and deserves our full commitment to his or her educational needs.” She pledges to be accessible and available to everyone. She wants to ensure that our schools continue to educate the entire child. If you ever have a problem, she pledges to “always be available to listen and address your concerns.”

Anyone interested in helping in the campaign should call 504-421-3190. Rosiland White, #55.