Lacoste Elementary October Terrific Kids

Kindergarten – Mason Franatovich, Kashten Thompson, Trystin Leger, Daniel Green, and Piper Hardouin.  1st Grade – Kaylani Higgins, Collin Chiappetta, Isabella Ladner, Jonathan Guidry, Izabel Kevorkian.  2nd Grade – Bradely LaBure, Layla Roberts, Christian Wallace, Taylor Ballom, and Noor Attallah.  3rd Grade – Jasmine Burd, Jackson Walters, Blaze Theriot, Carlie Develle, Walter Barcellona, and Taylor Fortuna.  4th Grade – Emri Gagnard, Cologero Caillouet, Madison Reilly, and Landon Jackson.  5th Grade – Jason Roberts, Dacoda Roberts, Ayden Hensley and Don’tre Guy.