Local Performing Arts Center Takes on Disney

Avery Spino, Brooklyn Wilson, Mollie Wilson, Eden Spino, and Lizze Lloyd take center stage of Main Street.

Students of Devoted Performing Arts Center were able to bring in the Christmas season this year with a little pixie dust to the guest of Walt-Disney World. Joining other students from around the world to perform in Disney Springs and Dance the World’s Holiday Edition Parade.

“Taking the stage in Disney Springs and dancing down Main Street in Walt-Disney World was much more than a performance! It was an opportunity that not many receive, an honor to represent St. Bernard Parish, and a chance to teach our performers what hard work and dedication mean,” said Rachel Roussel, Director of DPAC.

Sophia Huerta & Bryce Roussel spread the magic of the season as they perform in Disney Springs’ Parade.

BACK [L-R]: Brooklyn Wilson, Mollie Wilson, Avery Spino, and Lizzie Lloyd. FRONT [L-R]: Sophia Huerta, Bryce Roussel, and Eden Spino

Devoted Performing Arts Students captured as they dance down Main Street USA in Walt – Disney World.