Top of the Class

Trist Student of the Year Nominees are standing in the first row are Mikylla Maghirang, Nga Phan, David Vu, Randon Bourgeois. Standing in the second row are Sasha Quintanilla, Carmen Tonry, Abigail Coker, Catherine Wilson, Reia Llyza Espiritu. Standing in the third row are Emma Abadie, Ayla Caillouet, Alexys Smith, Nicholas Woodson, Austin Boos. Standing in the fourth row are Peyton Adams, Todd Stechmann, Felicity White, Alexa Plumstead, Noah Scheeler.

Nineteen 8th grade students at N. P. Trist Middle School were recently nominated for Student of the Year. Students qualified for this honor based on rigorous criteria. Students are first screened based on their academic standing. This includes being in the top of their class with both grade point averages and all standardized test scores from their previous school years.

Once the list of esteemed nominees was announced, candidates prepared for the finalist selection process. Each nominee presented a portfolio of information to the selection committee. The portfolio included a description of academic accomplishments, leadership roles and extracurricular involvement in school and community, along with a written essay and a writing sample. The writing sample required the students to do a cold read of an informational text and respond to a writing prompt. The nominees were also interviewed by the selection committee. Scores from the portfolio and the interview were then used to select the Student of the Year.