Valero Donates $20,000 To The Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation

[L-R]: Dr. John Lopez, LPBF Director of Coast and Community Programs, Taryn Rogers, Lead Community Relations Specialist, Jack Merrill, VP and General Manger, Kristi Trail, Executive Director LPBF and Adam Kuehne, Environmental/Safety Affairs Director.

Valero Meraux Refinery presented a $20,000 check to the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation for their Derelict Crab Trap Program on Friday, February 18. With Valero’s support, LPBF will remove 800 traps during the program. Funding will be directed toward efforts within the closure area that includes Delacroix, an area where the blue crab fishery is very active. Each derelict trap has been estimated to kill 25.8 crabs each year before it degrades; in these high density areas, that’s as many as 2,000 crabs lost to the fishery per year within one mile. Valero’s support will help recover those crabs to the fishery, as well as reduce impacts to non-target species and recreational/commercial boaters.

“Valero and the LPBF have had a strong partnership for over ten years; most recently successfully teaming up with Swamp Restoration work and with the Derelict Crab Trap Program. Valero has not only assisted with monetary donations, but also with volunteer work. We look forward to continuing our relationships in the future.” said Lead Community Relations Specialist Taryn Rogers.

“I am pleased to support an organization who shares in our mission to improve and enhance the environment. Dr. Lopez and his team are doing some really great work not far from where we operate the Valero Meraux Refinery,” said VP and General Manger Jack Merrill.

“It’s through strong partnerships like this that we can improve the environment and the future for coastal Louisiana,” said Dr. John Lopez, LPBF Director of Coast and Community Programs.