St. Bernard Parish Special Medical Needs Residents Are Eligible For Evacuation Assistance

Hurricane Evacuation Exercise. Photo by Lenor Duplessis.

Are you a St. Bernard Parish resident with special medical needs that require evacuation assistance during Hurricane Season?

In preparation for the 2019 Hurricane Season, we urge all individuals who have been diagnosed with conditions needing special medical attention, such as: insulin and oxygen therapy, dialysis and cardiac drugs/treatment to make arrangements WELL IN ADVANCE with your private physician, clinic and family for treatment during an evacuation.  All special needs patients will require a caretaker to evacuate. St. Bernard Parish residents who are now totally bed bound and will require assistance during an evacuation are urged to contact us NOW to pre-register.

The St. Bernard Parish Special Medical Needs Program is working with the State of Louisiana for sheltering of patients meeting important criteria. The Louisiana Department Hospitals (LDH) has identified select facilities in Louisiana, where medical care will be given to special medical needs patients.

Some of the advantages of participating with the state plan include:

  • The facility will be located outside of the danger zone of the hurricane
  • Medical care will be provided for all special medical needs patients during the entire duration of the storm event
  • Transport by ambulance will be provided from St. Bernard to a facility determined by LDH

Responses and/or questions, regarding this announcement are to be directed to the St. Bernard Parish Office of Homeland Security and Emergency at 504-278-4268 or you can reach us via email at