Evacuation Assistance for St. Bernard Parish Residents

Photo by Lenor Duplessis.

St. Bernard Parish Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness will provide transportation assistance for St. Bernard Parish residents during a tropical event evacuation. 

The Critical Transportation Needs Evacuation Plan is designed for individuals who do not have transportation to evacuate when recommended by Emergency Management planners for tropical events. A combination of bus routes and pre-determined satellite collection points will be used to pick up and organize the evacuees. The locations of these sites are identified in the St. Bernard Transit flyer and can also be obtained by calling 504-278-4268.

All participating evacuees will be picked up at the satellite sites and transported to the Parish Pickup Point, off loaded from the buses and registered into the evacuation process. Evacuees will then be loaded onto different buses for transfer to a shelter.

Pre-Registration for transportation assistance is available and recommended. To pre-register, call 504-278-4268 and request an application package.