School Board Approves Raises

St. Bernard Parish School Board Members were joined by members of the St. Bernard Association of Educators at a recent Board Meeting to celebrate the approval of employee pay raises.

The St. Bernard Parish School Board approved a local salary raise for all of its employees at its recent meeting.  This raise accompanies the state increase and takes effect this month. 

In addition to the $1000 pay raise provided by the State under the leadership of Governor John Bel Edwards, the St. Bernard Board unanimously approved a $2600 pay raise for teachers.  The raise also means a $1600 pay raise for 12-month support staff and $1300 for 9-month support employees in addition to the $500 pay raise provided by the State.

Superintendent Doris Voitier explained employee raises have been a top priority for the Board for the past several years.

“St. Bernard Parish School District educators are the best in the state,” she said. “But we knew that in order to continue to recruit and retain the best, our salaries needed to be competitive.”

Voitier said these raises, the largest recurring ones in recent history, are funded without any additional tax revenue.  “These increases ensures that the St. Bernard Parish School Board remains competitive with other districts across the region.”

Voitier said the raises were being funded through Board action regarding the Industrial Tax Exemption,  the obligation of increased MFP funds, as well as the rededication of other program funds.

School Board Member Joe Long said employees were very surprised with the big news, and he applauded the hard work of the Board for creating this opportunity.

“Pay raises have been a top priority for our Board for several years, and we were happy that we were able to create a package that shows our teachers and staff how important the work they do is.  It’s another way to show our connection as a district.”

Voitier said she appreciates the cooperative spirit of the Board and its vision. “St. Bernard is lucky to have such positive leadership on our Board and in our community.  It’s just another example of strong schools creating a stronger St. Bernard.”