Fall Public Showings at the Maumus Center Planetarium

St. Bernard Parish School District is excited to announce the fall schedule of public showings at the Maumus Center Planetarium. Tickets can be purchased at the door; however, it is recommended audiences reserve tickets in advance by calling 504-301-0239. Children tickets, ages 4 – 12, are $5.00, and adult tickets are $10.00. Due to the nature of the shows, children under the age of four are not recommended to attend. All children must be accompanied by an adult. Planetarium doors close at the times listed, and attendees will not be admitted after the show begins. Please plan on arriving a few minutes early. 

The Maumus Center is located at 721 Friscoville Ave., Arabi, LA 70032.

September 7
10:00 A.M., Dinosaurs at Dusk, Ages 6 – Adult
11:30 A.M., Earthquake, Ages 6- Adult

September 18
6:30 P.M., Beyond the Sun, Ages 4-12 (Animated)

October 16
6:30 P.M, Earth, Moon, & Sun, Ages 8-Adult (animated)

November 13
6:30 P.M, Faster Than Light, Ages 11-Adult

November 23
10:00 A.M., Expedition Reef, Ages 6-Adult
11:30 A.M., Space Park 360 (Caution-Motion Sickness), Ages 4-Adult

December 13
6:30 P.M, The Fulldome Nutcracker Suite, Ages 4- Adult

December 14
10:00 A.M., Bella Gaia, Ages 4- Adult
11:30 A.M., The Fulldome Nutcracker Suite, Ages 4- Adult