“We Care” Ribbon Campaign in Support of Healthcare Heroes

Nunez Community College History Professor, Ronald Chapman was searching for a way that he could support the efforts of the many frontline healthcare workers and first responders during the COVID-19 pandemic when he had the idea to create an awareness campaign that he hoped would show how much he and the community appreciated the service of so many in the trenches of this worldwide health event. 

“Today Healthcare Professionals and First Responders provide our first line of defense in this battle against COVID-19. They deserve our support and encouragement throughout this trying ordeal. We placed yellow ribbons on trees during the Gulf War to show support for our military. This is an effort to show similar support to today’s frontline combatants… Healthcare Professionals and First Responders”,  said Chapman. 

Professor Chapman called on the talents of Chris Marroy, actor and artist, to create an image that he hopes will spread across the nation and be displayed on social media accounts, fronts of houses and anywhere else people choose to show their support. Marroy donated his time and talents to produce the “WE CARE” ribbon. 

Inspired by Mr. Chapman’s act of care and support, Nunez Chancellor Dr. Tina Tinney set out to share the message,  “We recognize that our greatest resource in fighting the current epidemic are our human resources. Nunez Community College is proud to partner with St. Bernard Parish Government to launch a Healthcare Heroes campaign as a tribute to our healthcare professionals and first responders who are caring for our loved ones and community. Many of those on the frontline are Nunez nursing/paramedic graduates and faculty.” 

Dr. Tinney has also received support from colleagues at other colleges in Louisiana’s Community and Technical College System to join in an effort of expanding the reach of this worthwhile campaign.  

Everyone is encouraged to share the image, make it their social media profile picture or print and post it where it can be seen by those who have sacrificed the most during these trying times. Mr. Chapman wishes to thank Chris Marroy for donating his time to draw the awareness ribbon.