Chalmette Family Drives To Deridder To Help Clean Up After Hurricane Laura

The Farrells spent most of their holiday weekend helping people clear downed trees from Hurricane Laura. They joined 442 other members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who travelled to Beauregard Parish to help clean up after Laura. The storm uprooted oak trees and snapped pines in half. Many people were lucky and the trees fell around their homes, but not on them. The Farrells were able to clean up four or five large trees for a lineman who was out restoring electricity to the community. They did the same for three other families. 

Farrell family lifting logs Caroline and Joshua are in the background. Petey is in front of them. Kelsey and JJ are in front.

Joshua Farrell is the Bishop (pastor) of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Chalmette, and he is very handy with a chainsaw. He and some of the other men on the team sawed up the trees. Others drug the branches to the curb. Petey, Kelsy, and JJ worked as hard as anyone else. Their father has always taught them to work for what they want. His daughter recently got a job at Taco Bell, and he is proud that she did that entirely on her own. Caroline Farrell said, “We enjoy the opportunity to work together as a family. It helps us bond and appreciate our many blessings. Our children learn the work ethic as well as being able to sacrifice a holiday weekend to serve others allows us to draw closer to Christ and show his love to others.” Josh Farrell also brought a box of PPE donated by his employer, Chalmette Refining, LLC 

Joshua Farrell teaching his son Petey about engines.

Since 1998, Helping Hands volunteers, in their trademark yellow shirts and vests, have helped people around the globe whose lives have been affected by natural disasters and other emergencies. This is the second-week people from the New Orleans area have gone up to DeRidderand Leesville. They completed 157 work orders and spent almost 6000 hours working. The work crews helped anyone who called Crisis Cleanup, but they prioritized the elderly and first responders. 

Joshua Farrell presenting David Hall president of the Latter-day Saints in the New Orleans area with PPE equipment from Chalmette Refining, LLC.

People can request help by calling the Crisis Cleanup at (844) 965-1386. The hotline will remain active through September 2020 and is used by many disaster relief organizations.

Kelsey and her mother Caroline lifting a log.
Tree on the fence on the Bohannon’s ranch (the lineman).