Sharing the Good, PEN-TV Produces Super News

Dallas Blackmore and Melanie Corral work closely with PEN-TV writer and producer Barry Lemoine on this month’s edition of Super News.

In its ongoing efforts to share the good things happening in the school system, each month St. Bernard Schools presents Super News at its general board meeting. Produced by the district’s Parish Education Network, Pen-Tv, Super News is a quick recap of some of the district’s monthly highlights including awards, programs, and special events.

As part of the program and as a mentoring opportunity, each month two of the district schools showcase their own Super News News team. Working with the school staff to gather the news and the staff from Pen-Tv for production, each team has an opportunity to deliver the news in front of the camera. Recently, Chalmette High School and Chalmette Elementary were featured with Dallas Blackmore, Melanie Corral, Victoria Rice, and Keyah Mitchell serving as the on-air talent.

Victoria Rice and Keyah Mitchell served as the on-air talent representing Chalmette Elementary on this month’s edition of Super News.

Super News premiers each month at the start of the Board Meeting and throughout the month on the district’s cable access channel, Cox 8 as well as its YouTube channel.

Superintendent Doris Voitier said this program is an effort to showcase the good work taking place in each school, each day.

“Unless you are in our schools to see the great things happening, it’s hard to appreciate the work taking place throughout our district,” she said. “Super News is our small way of sharing with our community some good news each month.”

School Board Member Shelton Smith said he looks forward to Super News.

“I really enjoy seeing all of our students featured and shining the spotlight on what’s going on,” he said. “I also like seeing the students as the hosts of the show.”

School Board President Diana Dysart was also quick to credit the production team for their efforts.

“For a small staff, our district communications team does some really good things. I look forward to seeing what’s next, and I encourage all of our parents to tune in each month to Super News. It’s a great way to stay informed and stay connected to the work taking place in our schools.”