School Board Approves Stipend

In an effort to acknowledge the incredible and heroic efforts of its employees during this challenging school year, the St. Bernard Parish School Board approved a one-time stipend to all full-time employees. 

At a recent meeting, the Board voted unanimously in support of the stipend – $2,000 for certificated employees and $1,500 for non-certificated employees. 

Superintendent Doris Voitier said she appreciates the show of strength and unity. 

“We know that everyone has assumed additional duties and responsibilities this year under very challenging conditions,” she said. “Our school system has been able to provide the children of our parish with the best educational experiences possible amid this crisis.”

School Board President Diana Dysart said she and her fellow Board members were happy to have the funds available.

“I think it is a testament to the Board’s fiscal oversight and to Ms. Voitier’s leadership that we were able to offer these stipends,” Dysart said. “We are incredibly grateful for the efforts of our entire school family. “