St. Bernard Sheriff’s Office Warns Residents Of Phone Scam

The St. Bernard Sheriff’s Office wants to warn residents of a phone scam involving victims who have reported receiving phone calls stating they must pay money or a warrant will be issued for their arrest, Sheriff James Pohlmann said. 

The caller, who claims to be a deputy with the St. Bernard Sheriff’s Office, instructs the victim to wire money or purchase gift cards, in some cases from Walmart, then provide them with the gift card information to nullify the warrant and avoid arrest. 

The Sheriff also warns the number seen on caller ID may not be accurate and could be spoofed by the caller to appear as a Sheriff’s Office number. 

Sheriff Pohlmann wants residents to know the majority of the time a valid arrest warrant is served in person by law enforcement officials. 

In rare circumstances where a law enforcement official may call you if you have a warrant, the Sheriff said, under no circumstances will that officer ever ask you to give them money by any means or form of payment.

If you have received a call from someone claiming to be a deputy with the St. Bernard Sheriff’s Office asking you for money to avoid arrest, call the Sheriff’s Office at (504) 271-2501 to make a report.