Craig Accardo Supports Local Nonprofits Like Wish To Fish And More

By Vitae LaVie

It is often hard to find those who succeed in sharing their success with others that need a helping hand. Where can people turn amidst these COVID pandemic hardships? In these times, we can find people like Craig. Craig Accardo is known for his action; both in the community and in business. With more than two decades in the financial industry, Craig has learned the best ways to advise and help people through all walks of life. Professional practices are reflective of the ethics exuded during community events that the Accardo family sponsors, and participates in. If we shed light on all the community events that Craig has given to, this article would be far too bright. We would rather tell you where he has been a leadership example in the community by leading with action. COVID-19 has not stopped the efforts of business owners and philanthropists from reshaping the lives of citizens in southern Louisiana.

We can all take note of those who give to those that have not. Family values are often seen as synonymous with southern hospitality when growing up in southern Louisiana. A childhood filled with admirable role models has given a solid foundation to build a solid career. This solid career gives back to people who need the community to stand up for them. It seems inevitable that colleagues who succeed together, give back together. Craig, and his associates in business, have remained consistent in their efforts to give back. Staying consistent in giving, Mr. Accardo has ensured donations make their way from him to St. Jude Children’s Hospital every year; for the past 20 years. This is just one of the many ways business owners are raising up the community amongst this unfortunate era of pandemic.

Many business owners see the value in helping children experience fun activities when they need to be uplifted. A highlighted organization, supported by Craig and his associates, is the Wish to Fish Louisiana. This nonprofit was organized with a goal to get kids off the streets, out of the house, away from the TV, and into the great outdoors. During these times it seems only appropriate to lift kids’ spirits when they are going through a tough time. The look on a child’s face as they catch their first fish, says enough to fill an entire feature article. It is in these moments that we see how much we can impact each other. Creating moments of memories that can never be forgotten. Philanthropists like Craig, and his associates, are ensuring events like these continue every year.

Just as the holidays have passed, so too has the Happy Santas event that Craig Accardo and many others were a part of. This yearly event is put on by the Louisiana Hospitality Foundation. The Happy Santas program was created to provide holiday cheer, and support, to underprivileged children. In these times more than ever, we can truly see the difference these philanthropists are making; one child at a time. The most important gift that Mr. Accardo contributes, is the time and capital that he gives to causes he believes in. He has recently returned from being the exclusive sponsor of the Five Star Veteran Lunch that was hosted at Arnaud’s. This all lays that solid foundation for his family to carry on a philanthropic legacy. “Whether it’s with time or money, we step up in any way we can, to help benefit,” explains Mr. Accardo. Some people still understand the value of lifting up southern Louisiana during these hard times.