St. Bernard Transit Buses Announce Holiday Schedule for Good Friday

St. Bernard Transit buses will run on a “holiday schedule” on Good Friday, April 14th.  “Though Good Friday is a parish holiday, I wanted to make sure people who need our bus service are able to get around that day”, said Parish President Guy McInnis.  

“In the past bus service was suspended on all parish holidays,” said Mcinnis, “Running the buses on a limited basis on some parish holidays will benefit members of the public who rely on mass transit.”  

Bus service will start at 6:00 AM and run through 8:00 PM, but will operate on two hour intervals, as opposed to the regular service of one hour intervals. 

The first bus will leave Poydras heading west at 6:00 AM and the first bus leaving Arabi heading east will depart at 7:05 AM. 

The last bus leaving Arabi heading east will depart at 6:05 PM and the final run from Poydras heading west will leave at 7:00 PM 

Passengers utilizing the parish bus service on Good Friday are encouraged to plan ahead by consulting the reduced service schedule. 

Copies of the holiday schedules will be available on the bus and are on-line at  Contact the St. Bernard Transit office at 504-277-1907 for additional information. 

St. Bernard Transit Holiday Bus Schedule 2 hour Intervals