St. Bernard Parish School Board Celebrates Community

The St. Bernard Parish School Board hosted its annual Celebrating Our School Community Banquet last week honoring the employees, parents, students, and community members whose hard work and dedication make the school system great. Pictured are board members: Sean Warner; Donald Campbell; Clifford Englande; Diana Dysart; Katherine Lemoine; Carl Gaines, Jr.; and Dr. Henderson Lewis.

The St. Bernard Parish School Board at its annual Celebrating Our School Community Banquet celebrated the contributions and dedication of the people who make the schools great – students, parents, volunteers, support staff, and teachers.

Over two hundred people gathered in the gym of Chalmette High School’s Ninth Grade Academy for the event and dinner. The audience got a close look at the impact and achievements of each of the honorees as the mistress of ceremonies, Superintendent Doris Voitier, hosted the event. Entertainment was provided by the Chalmette High School band and choir, and the Chalmette High School ambassadors served the evening’s meal.

School Board President Diana Dysart began the evening by saying, “We have much of which we can be proud in the St. Bernard Parish Public Schools, and tonight is the night that we pay tribute to those who come together day in and day out to make our schools among the best in our state. St. Bernard’s school system is recognized as a model of excellence and that is due to your hard work, the work of our administrators, and the on-going support of our community.”

Retirees were also honored at this year’s banquet.

Superintendent Doris Voitier said, “It is never easy to say goodbye to those with whom you have forged professional and personal relationships. Each of our retirees has been here during the good times and returned to rebuild during our darkest hours because of their allegiance to our children and our schools. Now, it is best for them and their families that they move on. And to that we can only say we are most grateful for your having passed our way.”

One retiree was particularly difficult to say goodbye to – Assistant Superintended Beverly Lawrason. Lawrason has served the children of St. Bernard Parish for over 43 years and was promoted to central office the same year as Superintendent Voitier in 1988. For the last nearly two decades, the two have been a team. Lawrason’s contributions to the children of St. Bernard will forever be remembered.