Kiwanis Korner – 8/1/17

[L-R] Amanda Hardesty-Kiwanis President, Dr Don Duplantier- President Elect, Dustin DuRapau of ​​Bees​ ​“R” Us​, ​and Ellis Fortinberry Program Coordinator. Also pictured was a typical Bee Hive​.​

Submitted by Michael Chutz

The ​guest speaker at the weekly meeting​ of ​the​ Kiwanis Club of St. Bernard-Arabi​ on August 1 was​ ​​local ​b​ee ​k​eeper, Dustin DuRapau of Bees”R” Us. Mr. DuRapau describe​d​ the Life Cycle of Bee’s and the process of hive operations. ​Mr. DuRapau talked about the benefits of Bee’s like​,​ 1 in 3 ​b​ights of food is Pollenated by Bee’s​.​   Mr. DuRapau pass​ed​ out information on the Health Benefits of Honey. ​ ​Most interesting is that some stores sell man made Honey and only the Fresh or Raw Honey from Bee’s have the Health Benefits. Dustin DuRapau of Bees”R” Us​ c​an be contacted at 504-329-1666 for Bee Removal and Honey Sales. Bees “R” Us operates 40 Hives in our area.

For information about the Kiwanis Club or to join, please contact Robby Showalter (504) 616-7312.