Healthy Solutions Pharmacy and Medical Supplies set to open in September

Healthy Solutions Pharmacy and Medical Supplies owners Joshua and Lori Norrell with their sons Andrew and Bennett.

Healthy Solutions Pharmacy and Medical Supplies has announced plans to open its doors in September. Located along Judge Perez Dr. in Chalmette, owners Joshua and Lori Norrell are striving to enhance St. Bernard Parish by providing vital products and services to residents. The duo explained that their decision to open aims to address a void in the local market for individuals needing personalized medical attention and medication.

“After working at two different pharmacies in the St. Bernard area, we decided that our parish would benefit from having a medical supply store,” explained Joshua Norrell, an Xavier University graduate and licensed pharmacist since 2011. “That sparked an idea to combine both services into one location. This would make it more convenient for customers in need of attention with their medication and assistance with medical equipment.”

Healthy Solutions Pharmacy and Medical Supplies is located at 600 E. Judge Perez Dr., Ste A, in Chalmette. They will be open Monday through Friday from 9am-7pm and Saturdays from 9am-1pm.

Joshua Norrell, Pharm. D stated, “the goal of Healthy Solutions Pharmacy and Medical Supplies is to provide counseling and knowledge on prescription medications as well as improve individual’s overall wellness and quality of life.”

Andrew Jacques, Executive Director of St. Bernard Economic Development Foundation expressed his enthusiasm over the company moving forward. “I first learned of the company through their interest in the annual entrepreneurship competition, Startup St. Bernard, earlier this year. We recently scheduled a consultation and they explained how they had progressed in making their business plan a reality,” said Jacques. “Companies like Healthy Solutions Pharmacy and Medical Supplies ensure that the residents of St. Bernard Parish have convenient access to quality healthcare services, which ultimately improves quality of life.”

The pharmacy will employ four individuals with plans to increase staffing within the first six months. The Norrells are excited to be an active part of enhancing the well-being of St. Bernard’s residents. Both grew up in the parish and Lori Norrell explained, “We will strive to serve St. Bernard Parish and build a strong sense of community with the greater good of others at heart.”

The Norrells believe that they will provide an important service benefiting many residents in St. Bernard Parish. “Individuals who are recently released from a local hospital not only need their prescriptions filled, but often require counseling on how to take medications,” explained Joshua Norrell, Pharm. D. “Establishing a relationship with a pharmacist who knows your medical history and diseases can improve how patients manage chronic conditions. We plan to focus on taking the time to counsel our patients and provide knowledge on proper administration of medications and wound treatment.”

Healthy Solutions Pharmacy and Medical Supplies is scheduled to open in phases beginning with providing patient counseling, filling of prescriptions, and delivery services. They plan to expand operations to include access to a variety of medical equipment and custom ordering in the future.

About Healthy Solutions Pharmacy and Medical Supply Store

Healthy Solutions Pharmacy and Medical Supplies is a limited liability corporation. The owners are Joshua Norrell, Pharm D. and Lori Norrell M.ED. Their mission is to enhance quality of life and overall well-being for residents in and around St. Bernard Parish through expertise and professional service. Their vision is to foster an environment to improve patient knowledge of medication, provide highly qualified pharmacists and supportive staff for customers, allow open-communication to patients, and accept responsibilities to promote wellness for customers.