N.P. Trist Middle School Rockers social project

Tyrese Brady, Zoey Langley, Tino Montelongo, Za’Juan Phillips, Jocelyn Bato, Timothy Bradford, Joshua Gaspar, Brynn Plaiscia, Jasmine Ramos, Christopher Tinnerella and To’Maj Washington.

Introducing the Rockers of N.P. Trist Middle School. These students from Ms. Raimondo’s and Mrs. Sensebe’s classes worked on a Current Event/Art project that is designed to spread fun and happiness. They painted and designed their own rocks. Be on the lookout for these rocks throughout the Parish and help spread the fun.

Each rock has a note on the bottom that reads: Post my picture on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Say where you found me. Use #n2yRocks and #RockTheClassroom. Hide me somewhere else.

Join in and become a rocker yourself!