So sad

So sad. Some members of the Saints organization who make millions whether they get the job done or not choose to disrespect the symbols of patriotism, our military, our veterans, and our country. Men and women who don’t make millions but get the job done provide these millionaires with the freedom to choose. Unfortunately, they choose to disrespect the military and veterans who give their lives to making us, and them, free. These millionaires blame President Trump, racism, and anything else they can think of as an excuse but take their disrespect out on the military, veterans, and the symbols of our country. So sad. Something wrong with this picture; and, the Saints administration commended them for their misguided disrespect, ie. Shawn Payton’s comments.

I commend Drew Breeze for the comments he stated on T. V. Thank you, Mr. Breeze, for your respect and patriotism; and, a special “Thank You” for stating your respect in such an eloquent way.

Hats off to the loan Steeler who stood up for his country, not President Trump or anything else, but for his country. God bless him, Drew Breeze, and the other people who stood up for being true patriots.

If you are not happy with our country find another place to live where you will be happy; but, don’t trash our military, veterans, or our country because we don’t agree with you.

F. Moran – Arabi