KIWANIS Meeting and Terrific Kids

Councilperson Richie Lewis Speaking at The Palms Too Restaurant during the Kiwanis meeting held on Tuesday, October 3. Mr. Lewis gave the Kiwanis meeting an overview of ongoing projects in the parish and pumping capacity. This is the first meeting for Kiwanis President Sam Catalanotto and his second time holding this office.

Submitted by Michael B. Chutz.

Kiwanis Terrific Kids Program is Sponsored by Chalmette Refining LLC. One of September’s Gauthier Terrific Kid’s is Aaron Adams Jr. Aaron “JR” was a Terrific Kid last year, too. The family is so proud of him.

Aaron Adams Jr. with him is his step brother Drew Pohlmann, Ashley Adams and Aaron Adams Sr.

Kiwanis President Sam Catalanotto and Councilperson Richie Lewis.