St. Bernard Sheriff’s Office Citizens Police Academy’s 19th year

Lt. Mike Ingargiola, of the Traffic Division, speaks to Citizens Police Academy participants about speeding and the use of radar guns by Sheriff’s Office deputies in an effort to ensure motorist safely.

The St. Bernard Sheriff’s Office is currently about halfway through the 19th session of its Citizens Police Academy, a 10-week program designed to provide residents with the opportunity to learn more about what the men and women of the Sheriff’s Office do on a day-to-day basis to keep their community safe.

This year’s program, which kicked off Aug. 23 and will wrap up with a graduation ceremony on Oct. 26, is affording a few dozen residents with an inside look at the multiple aspects of police work.

Sheriff James Pohlmann said participants have been hearing from veteran representatives of each division of the Sheriff’s Office who speak on various phases of law enforcement, including patrol work, narcotics enforcement, detective duties, and SWAT team demonstrations.

“This course gives great insight on how and why things are handled in a certain manner,” Sheriff Pohlmann said.

The annual course is coordinated by Capt. Charles Borchers and Sgt. Eric Eilers.

Cpl. Tommy Duplessis, of the Special Investigations Division Street Crimes Unit, left, and Lt. Robert Roger, of the SID Narcotics Division, show members of the Citizens Police Academy some of the equipment used by the department.

Sgt. Chris Scheeler, of the Special Operations division, left, and Capt. Daniel Doucet, a member of the Bomb Squad, speak to Citizens Police Academy participants about how the Sheriff’s Office bomb robot is used by the department.

Capt. Bret Bowen, who oversees equipment for the Sheriff’s Office, shows off the many attributes of the department’s Mobile Command Post to members of the 2017 Citizens Police Academy.

Capt. Ronnie Martin, assistant commander of the Special Investigations Division and the SWAT team, speaks to members of the 2017 Citizens Police Academy about the SWAT team’s role at the Sheriff’s Office.

Col. Chad Clark, chief of detectives of the St. Bernard Sheriff’s Office Crime Investigations Bureau, speaks to Citizens Police Academy participants about the importance of locking their vehicles to deny thieves easy access and the dangers caused by social media. With Col. Clark are, from left: Lt. Michelle Canepa, commander of the Sheriff’s Office Juvenile Detective Bureau, and Capt. Mark Jackson, assistant chief of detectives of the Crime Investigations Bureau.