If you miss this opportunity to see Bat Boy: The Musical, this face will haunt you forever

In 1992, the Weekly World News described the bat child this way: “Discovered in a cave in Hope Falls, West Virginia, this half-bat has escaped from captivity and is currently at large. He can be identified by large, pointy ears and oversized eyes that make him profoundly sensitive to sound and light. The creature has reportedly attacked at least 3 people with his razor-sharp fangs and should be considered extremely dangerous.” Since then he has become a national hero and he even went to Afghanistan to fight the Taliban (where his instincts were particularly useful in those caves). Now, finally, his real story can be told. The musical was developed at the Directors Company in Los Angeles during two workshops in 1999 and 2000. L.A.’s Actor’s Gang theatre then produced the world premiere and the cast went on to open it at the Union Square Theatre in New York in March 2001.

In between the howls of laughter, Bat Boy the Musical tackles American prejudice, the fierceness of modern religion, genetic engineering, inter-species sex, and lots more. Part Little Shop of Horrors, part Les Misérables, part Dracula, part Annie 2 (okay, we’re kidding about that last one), this is a masterpiece of issue-strewn, big-hearted, comic horror that will have you leaving the lights on at night and gnawing on your loved ones during the day.

Unless, of course, you already do that.

We don’t want to know.

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