Arlene Meraux Elementary learned about the War of 1812

The second graders at Arlene Meraux Elementary learned about the War of 1812. Students enjoyed learning about James Maddison, Dolley Maddison, Francis Scott Key, “The Star-Spangled Banner,” and the British and their three-part plan to attack the United States. The students enjoyed dressing like pirates or patriots for Patriots and Pirates Day. Students learned about how Jean and Pierre Lafitte helped Andrew Jackson during the War of 1812. These pirates spied on the British to give Andrew Jackson the upper hand during the Battle of New Orleans. Students also created and decorated a wooden boat to race. Arlene Meraux Elementary would like to thank Pack 11 for supplying the rain gutters for our students to race their boats. Arlene Meraux Elementary students love to learn and are engaging in their education.