Joseph Davies Elementary announces their non-instructional employee of the year and volunteer of the year

Our Davies’ family would like to congratulate Ann Robin on being named “non-instructional employee of the year.” We appreciate everything you do for the faculty and students at our school!   Congratulations on this honor!

Pictured: Davies’ Principal, Tiffani Glapion, Ann Robin with her grandchildren, Jaiden, Liam, Aubrey, and Kaleb, and Davies’ Assistant Principal, and Lisa Pohlmann.

Our Davies family would also like to congratulate Tiffany Plumstead on being named “volunteer of the year.”  Congratulations and thank you for volunteering your time to help make our school awesome!  Congratulations on this honor!

Pictured:  Davies’ Assistant Principal, Lisa Pohlmann, Tiffany Plumstead with her children, Mackenzie and Grayson, and Davies’ Principal, and Tiffani Glapion.