St. Bernard Parish Adult and Juvenile Drug Courts offer programs for offenders with substance abuse diagnoses

The St. Bernard Parish Adult and Juvenile Drug Courts offer demanding programs that require frequent drug testing, intensive treatment, judicial oversight, and community supervision along with support to ensure the best possible outcomes for offenders with substance abuse diagnoses. While more intensive, these programs are typically less expensive and ultimately more effective than those associated with involvement in traditional correction and supervision settings. The program is comprised of a drug court team which is led by a drug court judge and includes a drug court coordinator, treatment staff, prosecutor, public defender, case manager, and others who work together to ensure that the program operates according to all applicable standards and policies.

The St. Bernard Parish Juvenile Drug Court team, along with other teams across the U.S., recently participated in a training in Reno, Nevada, provided by the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges, to better understand and implement Juvenile Drug Treatment Guidelines. The training focused on building foundations for strategic planning to move from current to more aligned practices. The Drug Court Program works in cooperation with community and governmental agencies to provide a multi-disciplinary approach to reduce recidivism.

For more information regarding The St. Bernard Parish Drug Court Program please call 504-278-4455.